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Salt Lake City Real Estate Photography Prices


Here are some of our most popular real estate photography products and services.


Salt Lake City Utah Real Estate PhotographerSalt Lake City Utah Real Estate Photographer

Real Estate Photography

To keep things simple, we have 3 prices that cover most homes.

Up to 2800 sq/ft: $160
Between 2800-4500 sq/ft: $225
More than 4500* sq/ft: $300

You won't find a better price for the service you get with us.  You deserve so much more than someone who just stands in a corner and takes a picture.

We carefully light and compose each room to give you photos you & your clients will be proud to show off.

Your photos are usually ready in about 24 hours.

*For houses larger than 7,000 sq/ft, please call for pricing.

Salt Lake City Utah Luxury VRBO Real Estate PhotographerSalt Lake City Utah Luxury VRBO Real Estate Photographer

Twilight Profile

$129 (when purchased as an add-on)
$159 (when purchased alone)

When you have the most amazing house and need the most amazing photo to show it off, this is how to do just that.

Twilight profile photos are our favorite kinds of photos to take which means we are the best at doing them.  You won't find anyone who does a better job than us.

See how much better you'll stand out with these killer profile images.

Salt Lake City Utah Luxury Real Estate PhotographerSalt Lake City Utah Luxury Real Estate Photographer

Drone Photos


Do you have spectacular views?
Is your home perched on an amazing

Drone photos will help to sell the feeling that your home is a step apart from the rest.

Not all listings need drone photos, but for the ones that do, we make amazing things happen.

We are FAA licensed to pilot our drones.


Agent Profile Video


A great way to tell everyone your story, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Use it on your Facebook page, website, or digital business cards so people can get to know you before they pick up the phone to call.

Client Testimonial Video


What wonderful things do your clients have to say about you?  Let them tell everyone how awesome you are.

Testimonial videos are proven to be better at communicating satisfaction than standard online reviews.  Your favorite clients can do your marketing for you.

Full Motion Video

General Video starting at $350
Real Estate video walkthroughs: $350

Price includes all shooting and editing.

Are you looking to engage your clients with something that has a bit more...motion?

We offer a full suite of video services, including interviews, community videos, promos, reviews, and listing walkthroughs.

Advanced video and accessory services like storytelling, motion graphics, slideshows, and call out titles also available.




Take a look at our video samples


Jessica Raab Realty | Chelsea Testimonial from Agynt Studio on Vimeo.


71 W 450 S Kaysville from Agynt Studio on Vimeo.


Jessica Raab Free Home Evaluation Final from Agynt Studio on Vimeo.




Questions? Ask us.

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Our Story

Salt Lake City Utah Luxury VRBO Real Estate PhotographerSalt Lake City Utah Luxury VRBO Real Estate Photographer

Agynt (pronounced just like "agent") Studio started out as the dream of a guy who wanted to make a living doing something he loved.  The very first home we photographed is the one you see here, a $5 Million lodge in Montana. From this beginning, we've been working on better ways to show how real estate feels, not just how it looks. 

We have now mastered our craft of real estate photography and are developing other valuable marketing offerings (like videos and client testimonials). No other photography company in Salt Lake can match what we do for our clients.

Our desire is to help you tell your story in such a meaningful way that people want to listen. Be it through listing photos, personal interviews, and more.


Call or text us: 801-897-8528


We're the secret weapon in your marketing arsenal.

These Salt Lake City real estate photography prices are good for residential real estate listings for real estate agents and homeowners.
Please contact us for quotes on commercial or VRBO listings.
A small travel fee may be added to locations outside of the Salt Lake Valley.