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5 Marketing Ideas Other Real Estate Agents Aren't Doing

September 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

With more and more real estate agents entering the crowd either to give it a shot as a full time job or to supplement their day job income, it is becoming increasingly harder to gain the attention of buyers and sellers who are craving the services of a seasoned, experienced real estate professional (someone kind of like you).

When it comes to marketing it seems there is no rest.  We always have to be coming up with new ideas, new ads, and new tactics to find new clients and attract the people we want to work with.  Today I want to share 5 marketing ideas you can use that most (if not any) other real estate agents are not using.  **Spoiler alert** These all have to do with video because video is king when it comes to engagement and ability to convey an idea.  Video also helps you tell your story better than a small handful of words you are only allowed on a Facebook ad or an email blast.

1. A Day in the Life video

Believe it or not, but people are very interested in your day to day life as a real estate agent.  The process around searching for homes, buying, selling, finding clients, taking clients to showings, and even office meetings is so interesting.  People would love to watch how you go about your day, even if you think what you do is rather mundane or boring.

It's all about the way we tell the story.  By making your day jam packed with interesting things to do and see, we can give people a little taste of what it's like in your world.  We'll also show them how amazing you are at what you do and open up the doors to trust you to be just as amazing when they want to buy or sell their home.

You could even break the video into multiple parts.

Video 1: From when your alarm goes off to sales meeting at 10am.
Video 2: From lunch to an afternoon showing with clients.
Video 3: From evening paperwork to bedtime.

This is a story about you and your life and you can tell it however is most interesting.  What will really make it appealing is telling your own personal story.  This is how you'll gain the most traction and get people excited to work with you.

2. Moving Day videos

I've said it enough times before, you should be, at a minimum, making an appearance on moving day.  Why?  Because moving day is when you get to meet all your client's friends and family in a casual environment.  And when it comes time for them to sell their house or finally make the leap into home ownership, they'll think "Who was that agent who stopped by when our buddy Jake was moving?  She seemed really great."  

So how do you turn moving day into a marketing video?  Easy.  We get a few shots of you interviewing your clients and their friends and family.  Ask them how they feel about finally moving, what they think the future will hold, if they are excited, sad, or happy, and what they think their life will be like from this point forward.  We then get a few shots of you doing a monologue about how exciting it is to buy/sell a home and talk about how wonderful it was to work with these clients.  

Get everyone's permission to tag them on Facebook and now you've just increased your reach to all their friends and family.  Moving day is another one of those rare occurrences for most people and they love to see other people's experience with it.  Moving usually is not that much fun but we take joy and comfort being able to experience it with other people, even through a video screen.

3. Home Buying (or Selling) Process video

The entire home buying or selling process usually takes several months.  When we bought our first home I think it was over 2 months long.  When we sold our home, it took over 5 months including getting the house ready to list (new paint, finish basement, remodel bathroom, etc).

It would be very interesting to see things from a local agent's perspective when it comes to buying or selling.  There are dozens of TV dedicated to this very thing (House Hunters) and how neat would it be to see something local?  A video series like this could also be informational since many people are unaware of what really goes on during the process.  Showing a lot of the conversation, agreements, disagreements, contracts, and other important parts of the process would shine a very nice light on you and your abilities as a great real estate agent.

4. Agent Introduction video

You've probably seen a few of these coming around here and there.  Where the agent talks herself and her family, why she loves being an agent, and what skills she brings to the table.  These are a great way to help clients get to know you and start to develop a relationship with you.

I had one broker tell me that it was exhausting telling every new client the same story about where came from and where she's going.  She wanted to do produce a video that would tell her story for her so she jumpstart that phase of the relationship with a new client.

Think about putting a video like this on a digital business card that tells a little bit more about your story and gives new clients a feeling of trust when they call you to buy or a sell a home.  That is so very important in building real estate relationships.

5. Testimonial Video

Every time you buy or sell a home, you should be asking your clients to say a few words about the great experience you had together.  This goes so much farther than typing out a couple sentences on a review page.  New clients will develop a greater sense of who you are when someone else (your highly satisfied clients) are singing praises to your name.  Put these videos on your Facebook page, website, or digital business card.


Video is going to be your best friend when it comes to marketing.  It is more engaging than a picture and tells a better story.  If you are looking to make a foothold for yourself in this industry, you'll need to seriously consider investing in different forms of video to get your name and face out there and recognized by those you serve.

Here at Agynt Studio, we believe that video is going to help you be recognized faster and get you the clients you are looking for sooner.  We'd love to be a part of your next video project by providing you consistent, studio quality videos and graphics.  Contact us below to learn more about using video to promote your busines


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