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Why Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working

April 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Why Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working

And what to do about it

I've seen some of the Facebook ads you're doing and it's great to see you jumping into this relatively untapped marketing space (untapped by real estate agents, anyway).  Facebook allows any business anywhere to created carefully targeted ads to attract their specific clients.  I really like what you are doing with the Facebook ads for your real estate business.

However, like you, there are many real estate agents (well, there are many business in general) who aren't seeing the results that someone like Gary Vaynerchuk promised them in that one YouTube video they watched 2 months ago where he said that Facebook ads are the new marketplace and every real estate agent should be using them.  One of the best lines I remember Gary saying was, "Facebook ads work 10x better than direct mail."  But you're not seeing those results, so Gary is just all hype, right?


The problem with your Facebook ads isn't in the ad itself, it's where the conversation goes (or doesn't go) that's the problem.  What I mean is, your Facebook ad looks great.  But you aren't sending your clients anywhere relevant to the ad.  You catch their attention with a great video or a delicious headline but then the conversation dies once you redirect them to your homepage or to some form to fill out.  It's like you meet a guy at a party and the second thing he says to you is, "Do you want to move in with me?" You don't know a thing about this guy other than he has a nice smile and a couple clever things to say.

So how do you fix this?

Well, what really helps to drive up conversions with your Facebook ads is sending those clicks to a specific landing page, or sales page, that continues the conversation.  Facebook ads are not designed to hold a conversation.  They are just designed to capture someone's attention.  By continuing the conversation you can provide further detail about your real estate services and help those potential clients start to build a relationship with you and develop a bit of trust.  Because if they don't trust you, they won't work with you (or give you their phone number).  

Alright, so a landing page, what is it?  A landing page is typically a single page website with a specific purpose: get a phone number, an email address, sell a product, redirect to your webpage, etc.  When you use a landing page with your Facebook ad you are continuing your carefully crafted conversation and requesting their information so you can talk even more, this time offline.  If you want to check out some landing pages, click on pretty much any ad you see on Facebook and I'm almost certain you'll be taken to a landing page.

A landing page is simple and there is only one clear direction to go.  It should be little bites of information (not long paragraphs or 7 minute videos) that are easily internalized.  If you send someone to your homepage, there are too many links to click, too many distractions, too many "escape routes."  A landing page helps to keep your potential clients on task and interested in the conversation at hand.  Think of a landing page like Super Mario Bros, there is only one way to go.


Better get that ? box before you lose it forever.

A landing page may also be a better way to gather lead information because taking the conversation off Facebook is not only more professional, but people don't really trust Facebook that much.  A 2013 poll showed that people trusted the NSA with their data more than Facebook.  They also trust Facebook far less than Google or Apple.

Getting high quality leads is all about trust.

If they don't trust you, they won't work with you.  It is very important to build that relationship with your clients early on and the 3 lines of text you are allowed with a Facebook ad isn't enough to build that relationship.  You can better explain what makes you unique and why your potential clients will love working with you on your landing page.

Also, putting (short) video on your landing page is a great way to boost those conversions.  Video does several things for you:

  1. It helps drive the conversation.  With video you can say more in 60 seconds than you ever could in 3 paragraphs of text.
  2. It helps build a relationship.  You can use music, facial expressions, and body language to introduce emotion.
  3. It helps keep people engaged.  Much of the time people need a minute to digest the information (you don't even think about doing this, but it happens).  Video keeps people on topic for a longer time, allowing them to internalize what you're saying and then decide to give you their phone number. 

There are tons of different kinds of videos we can do: a personal interview, a community walk through, or a client testimonial.  Or a combination of multiple types.  Let's say that you listed a home for a client and it got 3 offers in 4 hours.  You can create a Facebook ad about that: "Skip the wait and sell your home in 1 day.  Hear about my last client's experience getting 3 offers in 4 hours."  Then we craft a video about his story and how awesome it was to work with you.  Put that on your landing page and, BOOM!  New clients everywhere.  Each video will serve a different purpose and should be used with a different ad message.  But video really helps people get to know you and start to like you.

If you have the ability to create custom pages on your website, please consider creating a landing page for your next Facebook ad.  If you don't know how to make one or what to say, and would like me to create one for you, I'm happy to help.  We can talk about your ad goals and I can create a landing page that sits on your domain and looks just like a part of your website.  Give me a call or send me a message below if you want to talk about it.

Here's to better Facebook lead generation!




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