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How to Improve your Real Estate Copy Writing in 1 Easy Step

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Copy writing is so important when you are publishing content online.  Not only does it allow you to express your thoughts and ideas but good copy writing will help you to make a connection with your clients.  Copy writing comes in all shapes and sizes with a variety of outputs including: emails, Facebook ads, phone call scripts, video scripts, and even listing descriptions.  The difference between good copy and bad copy is the difference between reading a story in a rich, leather bound book with 100% cotton pages, or reading a story written on a spiral bound notebook someone bought at WalMart for 88 cents.

The listing description is voted as the second most useful part of a listing website (the images win first place).  If your listing description is full of tired cliches and just isn't that descriptive then you'll have a hard time convincing your audience why they should buy it.  Good copy writing helps you to be more personable and helps people to start to like you and want to listen to what you have to say.

The 1 easy step to improving your copy writing.

All you need to do is personify your audience.  So, what the heck does that mean?  To personify your audience, you have to imagine your reader not as a nameless and faceless hoard on the Internet, but as a single person.  Specifically, this person is your ideal client.  You should give him or her a name, and personality, and an entire history of likes, dislikes, challenges, fears, accomplishments, and joys.

Avoid thinking of your audience like this.

Avoid thinking of your audience like this.

Doing this brings you several benefits.

First off, you now have someone to think about when you are writing.  Whenever you pen an email or write an article for your Facebook page, you'll be thinking of this person as if you are writing to him or her specifically.  This helps your ideas flow more easily and more naturally when you imagine you are speaking to your ideal client.  For me personally, I get excited talking about marketing, and when I think about talking about it to my ideal client, I sometimes can't shut up about it (yes sometimes I ramble in my videos, thanks for looking past that).

Second, this helps to simplify your writing.  Many times when people write they are trying to sound impressive.  But your audience wants to be spoken to.  They don't want to be spoken at.  Simply your writing as if you were talking to a real person, ONE real person, not an audience you need to impress with big words and complicated ideas.  Remember, you are talking to a friend, not writing a audit report.

Third, you'll see a similar voice being established in your writing.  Many times when people write copy, it seems like it was written by a team of people with different ideas, opinions, and perspectives.  This doesn't help people get to know you, your thoughts, and your personality.  By writing to one person it will be like chatting with an old friend and your true voice will come through.

For example, when you are writing a listing description, imagine you are describing it to your friend.  Why would he or she want to live here?  What's it so great beyond the 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and the granite counter tops?  When you are writing your next email newsletter or Facebook article, why are you excited to share this information?  What about it will make your idea client say, "Oh wow, that's really neat.  I love this!"  

Headshot for new business owner - Salt Lake City Real Estate PhotographerHeadshot for new business owner - Salt Lake City Real Estate Photographer

Hi Mary.

My ideal client.

As I type this now, I imagine I am writing to Mary Agent, my ideal client.  Mary is 34 years old and has been an agent for 3 years.  She has 3 kids, drives a Subaru Outback, and loves spending time in her garden.  She became a real estate agent after being laid off of her last job by a CEO who made some terrible business decisions that resulted in a 20% workforce reduction.  She loves being a real estate advocate for her clients and feels the real estate process has become unnecessarily complicated with government regulation and wants to help her clients have the best experience possible.

After you have created the personification of your ideal client, find a picture that suits him or her.  Go ahead and pull up Google images and start browsing.  Then save that photo and pull it up whenever you are writing.  Write specifically to that person.  You'll see a dramatic improvement in the quality and consistency in your words.

And because I'm not going to leave you without actionable content, use the template below to help identify your ideal client.  You should be able to describe your ideal like she is an old friend.  The more you know about her, the better you will be able to send out your marketing messages.



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