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Be a Community Expert Real Estate Agent

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When the real estate sale is over, most people are left with boxes to unpack, neighbors to meet, and bills to transfer.  Most people are lost in a new town, a new city, and a new community.  They don't know where any of the good stuff is.  Sure, they can find the closest Home Depot by Googling it.  I think I spent over $1000 at Home Depot the first week I moved into my new house just buying things I needed.  There are three ways to get to the hardware store and I've used every single one of them.

The hardest part of moving to a new community is not knowing anything about it.  You miss what your old community had but look forward to new adventures in your new neighborhood.  This is a great opportunity as a real estate agent to be the community expert who can guide her clients towards the best restaurants, the best events, and the best parks.  By being the community expert you are giving your clients an experience like no other.  You are showing them that you care about their buying experience and want to make sure they are happy and comfortable in their new town.

My wife and I moved into an entirely new city for the both of us, in an entirely new county.  We knew nothing about the surroundings and our real estate agent didn't give us any information about it.  When our home inspector was checking things out we decided not to sit around and wait but went out to dinner.  We ended up going to Arbys because we didn't know the town.  It would have been great if our agent was a community expert and said "There is a fantastic Mexican place just 2 blocks from your house" or "There is an amazing mom and pop diner 3 blocks from your house with amazing scones."  It would have been great to know that our town puts on a Christmas parade every year down Main Street or that the best fireworks show happens in the grassy soccer field across from the High School.  It would have been great to know that we use city power instead of Rocky Mountain Power, that there are walking trails by the duck ponds one block away, or that an Easter Egg hunt happens every year at another park.  With little kids in our family it would have been nice just to know where all the city parks are.  These are all things you can provide your clients both when you are looking at homes, when you have made an offer on a home, and after you have closed on a home.

Here are some ideas to help get you started as a community expert.

When looking at homes with your clients:

  1. Know where all the major stores, malls, and movie theaters are.

  2. Know a few community events throughout the year that you can throw into the conversation when looking at the home.  "Every Easter there is a flashlight Easter Egg Hunt for both adults and kids at the city park after dark."

  3. Know where a couple locally owned cafes or restaurants are.

After an offer has been accepted on a home, send your clients:

  1. A list of all the utility providers in the area: cable, internet, power, gas, etc.  It would even be helpful to find out the usage rates for power and gas companies because they may vary by city.

  2. A list of the locations of the police and fire departments.

  3. A list the schools that pertain to that address.

  4. A list of the local parks, walking trails, or other outdoor activities nearby.

  5. A gift card to a locally owned restaurant or cafe so they can get to know the neighborhood.

After closing on a home

Send a "Welcome Home" packet along with your client gift that includes the following:

  1. A community events calendar for the year

  2. A list of the local restaurants in the area.  I would make 2 lists, one for typical chains like Burger King and Chilis and one for independents like CupBop or a pizzeria.  I recommend including everything in a 2-3 mile radius and then including only notable places a little further out than that.  If your clients are moving to a completely new city, expand your radius.  My wife and I found a great Irish pub about 10 miles away.  Use apps like Zomato to search for restaurants.

  3. A list of automotive service places for oil changes, tires, tune ups.  Be sure to look at online reviews before you include something on your list to make sure you aren't sending your clients somewhere awful.  

  4. A list of nearby movie theaters and their amenities.  Many theaters are starting to compete with each other very well by offering heated seats, recliners, restaurant style food (instead of popcorn/soda), love seats, and special pricing on different days of the week.

This won't be something you can put together overnight.  Start local with your own town.  You should already be the expert of where you live.  Then start working on the town where you have a client moving or where a recent client just moved to.  Then branch out from there.  Once you have a developed a packet for each town you can easily modify it throughout the year and simply send it to your clients who move to that area.  Also, you can try different restaurants to feel confident when including them in your list.  Again, not something you need to go out and do this week but over the course of this year you could try one or two new places in a different city each month.

By being the community expert you are giving your clients a better experience during their real estate process.  Your clients will refer this awesome experience because you showed that you truly cared about them.  And you most likely gave them information that they wouldn't have gotten any other way.  Think about it, suppose you gave your clients a gift card to go to dinner while the home inspector was doing his thing.  What do you think your clients would say about that?  There is no doubt they will brag to all their friends that their awesome real estate agent sent them to this amazing local cafe to wait while the home inspector was working so they wouldn't have to sit around bored for 2 hours.  Word of mouth referrals like this are some of the most powerful referrals you can get.

The greatest thing about this kind of marketing is that it's different.  Not many agents in the Salt Lake City area are doing this.  This will help you really stand out.





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