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Behind The Scenes in Photographing The Largest Home For Sale In Salt Lake City

January 23, 2018
A couple weeks ago, we got a call from Realtor Robyn Moody with Salt Lake REO & Lurch Group at Realty Path who was listing one of the largest (if not THE largest) homes f...
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One Real Estate Myth About Marketing That Needs To Die

December 22, 2017
In the November 2017 issue of Salt Lake Realtor Magazine, an article was published about different ideas surrounding the real estate world that need to die. Number 4 on t...
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How Much Does Real Estate Photography Cost in Salt Lake City?

October 09, 2017
Professional real estate photography is an increasingly popular offering for many brokerages around the world. Agents are more easily able to attract new clients when the...
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5 Marketing Ideas Other Real Estate Agents Aren't Doing

September 19, 2017
With more and more real estate agents entering the crowd either to give it a shot as a full time job or to supplement their day job income, it is becoming increasingly ha...
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13 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid as a Real Estate Agent

August 14, 2017
I visit a lot of real estate agent websites, watch videos, and read articles put out by real estate agents, and look at real estate agent marketing pieces. I see a lot of...
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