Agynt Studio | Behind the Scenes

When you want to make the best first impression you need the best photography.  Here is a behind-the-scenes peek into the process I used to get a beautiful profile image of this home.  I loved the challenge this particular shoot presented.

First, I search for the best composition of the house.  For this twilight shoot in Farmington, the front of the house was hidden by a small forest.

This would make for a terrible profile image, but we see these all the time on the MLS.  Time to really get creative!  I discovered a narrow clearing off to the left.  Unfortunately I was so far below the front door (you can't even see it behind all those trees) that I had to extend my camera pole to the maximum height, point it a bit upward, then secure it to my tripod.

Pretty scary!  My expensive camera is now resting 20 feet in the air on a wobbly pole.  But it allowed me to get this photo of the front of the house:

Then, by using my remote shutter release, I walk around and use a technique called light painting to flash a few different areas of the house.  Here are a few of the 20 flash frames I took:

Next, I blend the best parts of these images together to create a high contrast, high dynamic photo that is much more attractive than a photo without flash.  This flash technique cannot be faked with Photoshop so it is such a useful skill to have.

Finally, I straighten the image so the house doesn't look like it is falling into a sink hole, replace the boring sky with a more stunning sunset, and add some punch.  Here is the final image:

I loved photographing this house.  I loved the challenge of finding a good angle and putting it all together.  If you feel that this kind of imagery will help you do more of what you love (blow away your clients, sell amazing houses, make tons of money), let's chat.