Agynt Studio | Agent Promo Video

Your story stands out.


Tell your story like never before.  It is what makes you different.  It is the one thing that no one else can claim as their own.

Video is such a powerful way to connect with your audience.  Not only does it run 24x7, but we can use thematic elements like camera angles, music, and secondary footage to give the viewer an experience. 

As you probably know, most people are finding their next agent through Facebook.  Within an hour they'll receive 20 suggestions from friends and family.  Then they take to Google to look up a few.  Let's give them a little peek into your life and show them that you are a real person with real interests, hobbies, and goals beyond just making a couple bucks selling homes.  Let's show them the human side of you so they not only begin to like you, but know they can trust you.

Real estate marketing powerhouses like Paradym and and Placester recommend agents create videos as a way to push themselves to the top of the list.  Video is highly promoted by both Google and Facebook and has a higher participation rate over plain text from the casual viewer.

We take care of all the heavy lifting during the production of these videos.  All you need to be is charming.  We'll spend several hours making sure we get to know you, your interests, your hobbies, and your family.  We love to shoot on multiple locations to really let you tell your story.  Because your story is what matters.  It's what will drive your next clients to like you and want to work with you.

With a video like this you can pin it as the first post on your Facebook business page, your YouTube channel, or use it as part of your digital business card or landing page.  Send us a message or give us a call to learn more about the power of video.