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Twilight photography shows your listing in the best possible light and makes for the most attractive image.  These eye catching sunset photos build interest and convey the emotion of a peaceful, relaxing home.  Surprisingly, so few Salt Lake City Real Estate Agents are using twilight photos in their listings. 

Twilight real estate photos can make a $300k listing look like a $600k listing.

A twilight photo is taken around sunset (or sunrise can work too) for the soft, warm glow of the late evening sun.  Is it any wonder that the best landscape photos are taken when the sun is setting?

A sunset panorama at Capitol Reef National Park.  © Kirk Bergman

 We take our twilight photos one step further than other real estate photographers in Salt Lake City by adding light to the house to really make it pop (see the examples below).  This brings out the best color, the best contrast, and the best detail in your image.  When you want to convert a prospect into a client, show them the twilight images you do for your listings.  They'll be hooked.



Sky Replacements

Sky replacements are necessary more often than not.  They add an extra level of marketing expertise to your images.  They can turn a photograph from plain and dreary to lively and inviting.

A good sky replacement is much more than just slapping a random sky into your photo.  It is important to choose one that matches, then balance the color of the house with the new sky, and clean up the ugly halos that can happen around the trees.  It takes true skill to really nail this.

Check out these examples of sky replacements I've done and decide for yourself if your clients would be impressed by this extra step in quality that you offer when other agents do not.




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