Changing Paint Color for Real Estate


Interior decorators say that one of the hardest things for people to visualize is a different paint color.  And as a Realtor, how many times have you heard a client complain about a home's interior paint selection?  Or worst yet, how many times have you missed a sale because the buyers couldn't get past the lime green kitchen?

In a continuing effort to provide our clients in Salt Lake City with more than just a few real estate photos, we also want to showcase our ability to change the paint in any room to any color.  Thanks to the magic of Photoshop (it really is magic, we have no idea how this works) we can virtually paint a room any color.

How is this useful?  Let's say you have a listing that has paint choices but the sellers don't have time or resources to repaint.  Once we take some amazing photos of your listing, we go into Photoshop and paint on some new color.  Maybe something a little more trendy or maybe something a little more casual.  This helps show potential buyers what the room will look like once they've purchased the home and added their personality to it.

Boom! No more missed sales.

It's also great for helping your buyer clients get even more excited about their home purchase by being able to see their new paint colors on the walls before they move in.

Check out these examples:



Is this something that could help you impress your clients?  Give us a call to find out more details.