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The overwhelming majority of people find their next real estate agent on Facebook.  They post a status update that says "Any recommendations for a great real estate agent?"  Within an hour they have 20 names.  The first thing they will start doing is start Googling these real estate agents to learn more about them.  If someone Googles your name, what are they going to find?

Potential clients want to make a connection with their next agent (that's you) before they even consider him or her.  This will help you build that connection, and more importantly, build trust.

This article on tells us why branding and your personal story are far more important than IDX feeds.

That brings us to digital business cards.  They are sleek, 1 page websites that look amazing on desktop or mobile.  They tell your story and show your clients the kind of work that you do.  This puts you in tune with your largest share of home buyers: Millennials.  Their tech savvy habits are changing the home buying process and digital business cards speak to them in a way that a boring, old website, can't.

So here is how we've traditionally handed out business cards:

You: So it was great talking to you!  Here is my card.
Millennial: Oh...thanks.  Just what I need, something to sit on all day and shred in the washing machine when I wash my pants.
You: Ok sounds good! Give me a call!

Not so great, right?  Digital business cards are the way to go.  Here is how easy it is to give them out:

You: So it was great talking to you and I'd love to work with you and your spouse.  Would it be alright if I gave you my business card?
Millennial: Sure, you bet.
You: Great!  I have a digital business card, can I text it to you or is email better?
Millennial: A digital business card?  That sounds awesome, text it to me! 801-555-1234
You: Ok, I just sent it over! I'll be in touch!

That seems to work pretty great right?  Very easy to share.

Now for some techie stuff: your digital business card can reside on a custom subdomain of your current website or you can buy a new domain name for about $10-13/year.  For example, your card could be: or just simply:

So take a look at the sample card and call me to get started on creating yours so you can reach new clients and show them you are doing your marketing differently.


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