How twilight photos help you get more referrals

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Salt Lake City Utah Luxury Real Estate PhotographerSalt Lake City Utah Luxury Real Estate Photographer


The easiest way to get more work is to have past clients promote you.  In a perfect business world you would do very little marketing because the experience you give your clients would be desired above all other real estate agents.  New clients would hear about the great job you are doing and want that same thing when it is time to sell their home.  By giving your clients an unprecedented selling experience, they will naturally say many positive things about you.

When you list a home with twilight photos you are showing the home in the way that people will see it most often: when they are coming home from work.  After a long day, they want to come home to a beautiful house that is relaxing and welcoming.  Twilight photos show a home at it's best.  They are the culmination of how a home looks and feels.  When you list a home with incredible twilight photos, you increase the attention that home gets and project a feeling of warmth and comfort.  Twilight photos say "This is where you want to spend your evenings."

Less than 10% of listing use twilight photos.  I did a quick check on and out of the 17 listings on the front page for Salt Lake City, only 1 had a profile photo that was taken during sunset.  The rest were of bland, dreary skies (very typical of this time of year).  One was taken in the rain so the house looked wet and uninviting.  By listing your home with a twilight photo as the profile image, you are inviting everyone to pass over the bland photos and come to yours.  These photos say, "Come see this amazing, warm home that will give you, your family, and your friends a lovely and comfortable place to live."

Twilight photos should consist of more than just a picture taken at sunset.  At a bare minimum they should include a sky replacement.  Most of the time, the sky doesn't cooperate with the timing of the photography.  But that's OK!  Thanks to the miracle of Photoshop, skies can be replaced.  It takes a skilled photographer/editor to know which skies to use and how to apply them so it looks real.  Many sky replacements I've seen look completely fake and are a huge turn off to buyers.  Additionally, twilight photos work best when the house "pops" out of the image.  This can be done by blasting the house with a few off-camera flashes to help bring out the color, the contrast, and the detail.  Again, it takes a skilled real estate photographer to know how to apply flash to a home during a sunset photo shoot so it looks natural and inviting.  You are paying good money for these listing photos, don't settle for work that doesn't meet your expectations.

Salt Lake City Utah Luxury Real Estate PhotographerSalt Lake City Utah Luxury Real Estate Photographer

Twilight photos are another piece of the marketing pie that help you get more listings and more referrals.  When you sit down with a potential client during a listing presentation you can tell them:

I know this sale means a lot to you and I am prepared to market your home better than any other agent out there.  Twilight photos of your home will help it stand out and get the maximum amount of visibility.  I use these twilights on every listing I do because of how powerful they are.

This will blow them away.  Why?  Because people think these kinds of photos are only used by agents listing million dollar houses.  When you show them that their home is worth a million dollar marketing campaign you automatically get moved to the top of their list.  And, who do you think they will be more likely to refer to their friends and family?  The agent who gave them a million dollar marketing campaign, or the agent who came in and snapped some quick shots with her cell phone?  Referrals are the reason to be going the extra mile.

Take a look at my page on Twilight Photos and Sky Replacements to learn more about the process I use and why they are so powerful.  



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