The 3 Hidden Benefits of Using a Real Estate Photographer Every Time

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The 3 hidden benefits of using a real estate photographer on every listing



I recently spoke to 2 different agents about their listings as we were discussing real estate photography. Both agents said, "I don't think it is necessary to use fancy photos for my listings unless it's a really fancy house."  This is a common misconception about the value that comes from real estate photography. The hidden value is that it sells the agent much more than it sells the house.  




Think about that.  How many homes do you know of that sell with bad photos or even no photos at all.  It happens all the time! So we know that photos aren't necessary to sell a house.  The real value then, that we get from great photography, is that it builds us up as highly attractive professionals who have the best marketing plan. This is what homeowners are looking for.


Here is an example.  Let's say you were looking to remodel your kitchen.  You find a guy on Google and explore his website (maybe  But you aren't really that impressed because Bob's remodels look very basic and very budget.  His appliances look like budget apartment appliances, the paint is boring, the counter tops aren't granite or some kind of stone, and there is linoleum on the floors.  Linoleum!  But you decide to call up Bob anyway and chat for a minute because his prices are pretty good.


You: Hi Bob, I'm looking to do a kitchen remodel; something a bit upscale.

Bob: Oh yes, I'm your man.

You: Well Bob, I checked out your website and it doesn't look like you do that level of remodel.

Bob: Oh no, I totally do.  I can do a fancy remodel, no problem.


How likely are you to hire Bob to remodel your kitchen based on his word alone?  It would be nice if he had some proof that he has experience doing high end kitchen remodels with tile back splash, granite counters, custom milled cabinets, and hand selected fixtures.  This is how home owners feel when they want to sell their home, especially homes that carry a hefty price tag of $1M+.  They are looking for an agent who knows how to market well and has proof of that marketing ability.  If someone is looking at an agent's current listings and all they see are cell phone photos of every home, they might not want to take the risk with that agent.  They want the absolute best marketing.


Here is another example.  Let's say you wanted to rent a car and have 2 companies to choose from, both cost about the same.  Company A only has luxury vehicles.  Company B only has Toyota Corollas but every now and again they rent out a Mercedes if they feel the client is worth it.  Which company are you more likely to choose, considering the cost is about the same?  Probably Company A, right?  I know I would.  I want to know that I am getting the best product for my money.


Here is an article published by the National Association of Realtors that talks more about this concept.  It is about how providing extremely different levels of marketing for your different priced listings might be considered price discrimination.  If you want to come off as a fair and equal agent, you may want to consider the type of marketing you provide your different clients.


When it comes to real estate agents, people value the marketing of their property over everything else (NARs survey 2015).  So they want to list with the agent who is going to give them the best marketing regardless of the cost of their home.  If a potential client is shopping agents, the one who has a full portfolio of highly polished listings, regardless of list price, will be the more attractive agent and more likely to win their business.


And lastly, establishing a relationship with a highly qualified professional photographer gives you the confidence to say in your listing presentation, "I use the best real estate photographer on all my listings because I know how important this sale is to you.  I want you to get the best price and attract the largest number of potential buyers. My photographer is Salt Lake's premiere real estate photographer and that's why I use him."  The agent who says that will knock the socks off those potential clients.


So whether you've been in business for 2 months or 20 years, it is never a bad time to use a professional photographer to market your listings.  By using a professional every time you get 3 things:


  1. You build up a portfolio of the best marketing to show off.
  2. You show that you are capable of marketing higher prices properties.
  3. You have more confidence in your listing presentations and show that you care more than the other agents.







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